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Gackt Blog Open, Gackt.com, Dears Village

Gackt's Official Blog has opened to public since the renewal of Gackt.com last 12/14, which is also the start of RnRII Live Tour. He wants to know how much Dears (members/non-members) are seeing/accessing his blog. Taking stats huh? LOL

Anyways, everybody can also comment in his entries. So, go get there as long as it's there. Coz we never know how long it'll be in public since official Dears members are already ranting why non-members are able to read the blog. Though I myself is still surprised but well, Gackt wants it public. So public is public. HOORRAAAYYY~~!!

To get there: http://gackt.com/gacktblog/

He also replied on his own entry (the recent one 12/16) LOLLLSSS: http://gackt.com/gacktblog/?p=82#comment-267

>> Also, a kind Dear translated 12/16 entry: http://uranus-sama.livejournal.com/913957.html

And to leave a comment, put your name in the first box, the next box is for email address.

お名前 (必須)
= Name (required)

メールアドレス (公開されません) (必須)
= E-mail address (hidden) (required)

You can now leave your message then hit the button below it when you're done. Comments are screened so be sure to be polite and careful on what to write. I already posted 2comments in his two most recent entries. WOOHOO~ XDD

On the new Gackt.com, it's running in full flash so loading is slower than ever. Just be patient specially when viewing the Discography page. ^^; Be patient coz a lot of people are also accessing the new site, so that adds to huge amount of bandwidth.

For those who missed it, check it now
>> Gackt.com

Dears Village can also be viewed in public. Just click the gate, a new window appears. Click either of the guards, a menu in Japanese text appears, click on the third menu to view the village that looks like this:

Shortcut link >> Dears Village

Explore it while it's in public. ^^


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